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Sales hotline: 0316-5321870

Wen"an Tengda Marble Pendant Factory is located in the north village of Xinzhen Town, Wen"an County, Langfang City. It is close to Tianjin, Zhangzhou and other coastal open cities. It enjoys an advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation, which has attracted consumers from all over the country. Our factory specializes in the research and development of marble pendants and marble dry pendants for many years. It has become a large marble pendant factory in the north. We have hired dozens of professional R\u0026D personnel and introduced the current advanced production equipment. This is also the reason for the recognition of our consumers and related departments. The company has won many honors from relevant departments since its establishment.
Tengda Pendant Factory has complete product models and complete types, mainly including marble dry pendants, marble aluminum pendants, marble stainless steel pendants, curtain wall embedded parts, corner codes, gaskets, etc. As a professional pendant manufacturer, professional is our pursuit. Only professional can create superiority. We will wholeheartedly produce high-quality pendants and curtain wall embedded parts and other products. We need the brand of “Tengda” to start. We sincerely hope that friends from all over the country can cooperate with us!
Buying marble pendants to Tengda is your best choice. Tel: 0316-5321870.

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Website Contact: Sun Manager Mobile: 15075662378 Tel: 0316-5321870

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